Blast Off to Total Well-Being with Sonic Boom

Random acts of kindness, keeping your cool, wearing your sunglasses…is this my next vacation or is this a wellness initiative?

We recently launched our BeWell campaign powered by Sonic Boom Wellness. The BeWell program is based on the concept of embracing all dimensions of wellness, in hopes to expand our understanding of wellness and create a program that provides opportunities and resources. With the support of the Sonic Boom platform, we were able to create a program that best suits our needs and focuses on the 4 dimensions of wellness: personal well-being, physical well-being, financial well-being and professional well-being.

With this program in place, we will now be able to:

• Create health goals and track them over time.
• Create our own custom “contests” with fellow co-workers around country (duck walk challenge, sleep challenge, fruit & veggies challenge, balance a book on your head challenge, invisible jump rope contest (shhhh… just pretend the rope is there), or even clean out your closets challenge (not my favorite), etc.)
• You can take part in Sonic Boom’s “Challenge of the Day” like committing a random act of kindness which is a personal double whammy of goodness for you and the recipient.
• You can also award points to someone with the “Caught Ya Bein’ Healthy” award (if you saw someone balancing a book on their head or walking like a duck, please reward them).
• Sonic Boom has their own wearable fitness device called the Boomerang, which is also compatible with many other fitness trackers.
• The best part is that everything you do will earn you points towards Boomer Bucks for swag! Take a course…earn points, run in a 5k…earn points, take a health assessment…you guessed it, EARN POINTS!

Rebecca Plavcan, Senior Advisor
Rebecca Plavcan, Senior Advisor

Wellness programs often mean well, but don’t usually get the engagement, motivation and participation they set out to achieve because they are so focused on what the members are eating or how many steps they are taking that they miss the overall picture of total wellbeing. A successful wellness initiative needs to engage and inspire its participants, as well as being customizable, easy to use in order to focus on the whole person.

This is wellness for the whole you, at your pace and on your schedule. How does it get better than that? Maybe we could have a stand like a flamingo challenge!

About Rebecca Plavcan

Rebecca joined Ovation in October 2014 as an Advisor. In this role, Rebecca is responsible for the day to day client relationship and execution of the client strategy, leveraging our client project plan. Specifically, she drives the completion of the tactical initiatives associated with the strategy, she resolves issues as they arise, she manages the open enrollment and communication process, and she manages the various vendor partners. Rebecca has been managing employee benefits from a broker and an employer perspective for more than 16 years. Prior to joining Ovation, Rebecca was a Senior Account Manager specializing in non-profit clients and an Administrator for a mid-size employer handling benefits administration. Rebecca received a BS in Business Administration from Central Pennsylvania College and a BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Rebecca has earned the Group Benefits Associate (GBA) designation from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and is a Wellness Council of America Faculty Member.