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Brian Driscoll is a founding Partner of Ovation Benefits Group. Prior to founding Ovation Benefits and its predecessor company CarewDriscoll, Brian held a number of positions in the healthcare industry with Johnson & Higgins, Aetna and Travelers. In addition to his extensive background in the negotiation and financing of employee benefits, Brian has also overseen the area of compliance for Ovation Benefits. He is a frequent participant and speaker in the company's seminar series and has advised and trained employer groups in various areas including HIPAA and Medicare Part D. He currently is an active board member of the Connecticut Benefit Brokers (CBB) and participates on the insurance company (Anthem & Connecticare) broker advisory councils. Brian attended Trinity College where he received a BA in Mathematics. Brian, his wife Kathy, and their daughter Emily reside in Burlington. In his free time, Brian is an active member of St. Patrick's Church in Collinsville; he also coaches youth sports and enjoys playing golf.

Ovation is Now OneDigital Health and Benefits

I am pleased to tell you that Ovation, a Digital Benefit Advisors company, is now OneDigital Health and Benefits.

In 2013 we announced our decision to join Digital Benefit Advisors, the advisory arm of Digital Insurance. We saw the move as a way to continue to do what we’ve always done best—stand as one with our clients and deliver forward-thinking strategies to help them succeed in an increasingly challenging world.

We recognize that the partnership created some confusion about our brand. Were we Ovation? Were we Digital? In fact, with such strong market recognition as Ovation, we held on to our name—probably a little too long. We weren’t too worried about being explicit; we knew from you that your biggest concerns were whether your client service team would remain the same, and could you continue to expect fresh-thinking, personal and responsive service. The answer to both questions was a resounding yes.

Three years later I am proud to say that many of our core consulting practices have become a part of the fabric of both how Digital Benefit Advisors and Digital Insurance BALLOONSserve our more than 35,000 clients.

In what I feel is an important evolutionary move, Digital Insurance and Digital Benefit Advisors are consolidating under one market facing name, OneDigital Health and Benefits. This unified new brand will feel a lot like the brand you have come to think of as a strategic partner since you joined our family. You’ll see a significant focus on our values, created in response to what we have learned from you over the years—that you want and need a benefits advisor who:

•    delivers fresh-thinking approaches to benefit plan design,
•    is invested in your success,
•    is responsive, optimistic and trustworthy,
•    works relentlessly to drive the impact you expect, and
•    is clearly invested in you, your people and your success

Over the next few weeks you can expect your client services team to reach out personally to share our new brand story with you. Meanwhile, join us in celebrating this next evolution of our national brand, and in particular, the fact that if anything, we are able to shine a brighter light on the core of what has always made us better as a benefits advisor—YOU.


Brian Driscoll
Managing Principal
OneDigital Hartford (formerly Ovation, a Digital Benefit Advisors Company)

TakeCharge Summit: A Special Evening

For those who are familiar with the history of our organization, it should come as no surprise that we are in a constant state of self-evaluation to continually improve upon everything we do for and on behalf of our clients. Since becoming part of Digital Insurance in 2013, this reflective process has only been enhanced. Continue reading TakeCharge Summit: A Special Evening

Happy Holidays From Our Ovation Family to Yours


In the employee benefits industry, the holiday season always tends to be a stressful time of the year, with nearly 40% of all employer group contracts maintaining a renewal date of January 1st. Due to this volume, our teams work tirelessly around the clock to go above and beyond for the people we serve.

Although it may seem stressful during the moment, this year our issues seem minimal when compared to the events occurring around the world. As one looks at domestic and world events, the combination of climate change, international and domestic terrorism, immigration, the economy and higher education, there certainly is no shortage of things to be concerned about. It is easy to become overwhelmed with some level of fear and/or anxiety over the state of the country, the world or the planet; and tempting to feel some level of isolation and helplessness. Continue reading Happy Holidays From Our Ovation Family to Yours

Be Grateful for Hair

Those who know me might be tempted to assume that the title of this piece is a snarky, jealous response to those who may not be “follicly” challenged. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Like many organizations, this month, the men of Digital Benefit Advisors are participating in our annual No-Shave November challenge. As noted on the official No-Shave November website:

“The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.” Continue reading Be Grateful for Hair