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Working within many levels of healthcare and insurance, Gina Palladino came to Ovation in 2014. Most recently, Gina worked at Aetna working as a Senior Underwriting Consultant. She helps support our clients with her creative approach to problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking. She has a strong passion for family and loves to cook. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Suffolk University.

The Mechanics of Underwriting

Before I began my career in the insurance industry, I only ever heard of underwriting in terms of applying for a mortgage. It seemed to be that black hole, where weird things happened with rates and percentages and suddenly what you expected to pay, was much different. In the employer insurance group marketplace, it can appear to be the same. Although a lot goes into underwriting, these are few of the basic principles: Continue reading The Mechanics of Underwriting

The Challenges And The Blessings of Work-Life Balance

It seems like the day of any working adult is a carefully crafted puzzle of meetings, calls, presentations, and more. Couple that with the responsibility of parenthood and it can be overwhelming. There are times I don’t know how I can get it all done in a day—finish an exhibit, prepare a presentation, take the little one to a doctor’s appointment, make cupcakes for the upcoming school event—but somehow I do, and I look back at the day, tired and amazed.

It is never easy to drop off my child at daycare and think about the time he is spending away from his parents. I have to continually remind myself that there are as many advantages as there are struggles. The benefits of being in an educational facility with other children are numerous: learning and experiencing resilience, becoming independent, developing interpersonal skills and adapting to new environments—let’s not forget the workout his immune system gets. Continue reading The Challenges And The Blessings of Work-Life Balance

Need to Build a Stronger, More Connected Team? Grab a Paddleboard!

Effective leaders know that creating connections between colleagues is a crucial part of building a high-performing team—and that one of the best ways to do it is by embracing some fun outside of the office. When my colleagues Emily Bailey, Meghan Sloan, Mary Coulter and I were kicking around ideas to get away and have some fun and recharge, Meghan suggested paddle boarding. Yep, paddle boarding. That is how I found myself standing waist deep in the Farmington River with my colleagues! Continue reading Need to Build a Stronger, More Connected Team? Grab a Paddleboard!