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The Next Level of HR

Shred the paper and welcome yourself to 21st century technology. HR software is becoming less expensive, more intuitive and in higher demand than ever before. Frankly, it’s surprising that the wave of adoption didn’t arrive sooner, but thankfully it’s finally here. For countless reasons, more and more small and mid-sized employers are adopting software solutions to more efficiently and effectively manage their employee onboarding, benefits and recruiting processes. There are several culminating factors that have led to this rise in HR technology: Continue reading The Next Level of HR

Lights, Camera, ACOs!

Let’s be honest, who really enjoys going to the doctor? We all try our best to take care of ourselves and loved ones by keeping on track with preventive visits, even if we dread the experience. Time and time again we sit through the uncomfortable questions and count the minutes until the appointment is over, but why so unwillingly? Do we truly feel like we’re getting the best quality of care, or do we feel like we’re just a name on a list or a time slot on a calendar?  Our doctors should be some of the easiest people to talk to, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Doctors are often overbooked and rushing  through patient appointments,  leaving little time for bedside manner, but are they to blame for our dissatisfaction? Personally, I don’t think they’re at fault, as we expect the healthcare providers we see to value our health and wellbeing. Continue reading Lights, Camera, ACOs!

5 Tips to Evaluate Open Enrollment Effectiveness

By: Emily Bailey, Principal and Simone Torneo, Senior Advisor

With open enrollment for 2016 in the rear-view mirror for many employers, it might be tempting for benefit managers to sit back and relax. However, now is the ideal time to conduct an open enrollment analysis before memories of what worked, and what didn’t, have faded. During open enrollment, things never go exactly as planned, and now is the time to engage with your employees and understand what can be improved upon next year.

1. Reflect on your 2015 goals

Most employers strive to achieve 90% to 100% participation for open enrollment meetings. With more and more employees working remotely, or working odd hours, this can be a challenge. There has been an increase in web-based and pre-recorded meetings to help employees gain access to the information when not at work.

As more and more benefits technology platforms come to market, an increasing number of employers are trying to go paperless with their open enrollment campaigns. Now might be the time to consider a platform that offers that capability. Continue reading 5 Tips to Evaluate Open Enrollment Effectiveness

Helping You Stay Compliant: 2015 Notice And Disclosure Checklist

When an employer sponsors a group health plan, there are several notices you are required to provide to your plan participants and beneficiaries. Keeping track of your notice and disclosure obligations under ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA and the Affordable Care Act is certainly no simple task. Anyone who is involved with the administration of group health plans can attest to this challenge. The last few years have been filled with new regulations and stricter agency enforcement for the proper administration of employer-sponsored plans. With the ever-evolving requirements, it can be easy to “forget” some of your notice responsibilities.  We’ve designed a notice and disclosure checklist to remind our clients of the requirements and due dates so you can stay compliant.

To access our complete 2015 Notice and Disclosure Checklist, click here.