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Annual Summer Outing Scavenger Hunt

This past Wednesday we embraced a much needed break from the office for our annual team outing. Following lunch and our quarterly meeting, we hit the streets to put our best detective skills to work for a scavenger hunt sprinkled throughout Blue Back Square in West Hartford. We broke into color coordinated teams and donned the appropriate ROY G BIV attire as we tackled various challenges ranging from brain teasers and word puzzles to taking group photos with ridiculous poses and props. Continue reading Annual Summer Outing Scavenger Hunt

Ovation Takes Time Out for Teamwork

RockersThe dog-days of summer are upon us and as with every summer, the Ovationites of Batterson Park Road came out from the protection of the AC to enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun. This year, the crew ventured 20 minutes south to Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center for a day of scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, team building exercises and of course, a grilled lunch. Unlike previous years where we all worked together to accomplish a task, this year we broke into teams to compete against each other. Several weeks in advance, each group was charged with coming up with a team name and some sort of matching uniform. The instructions did not encourage weird or bizarre team uniforms, but inevitably, this bunch of characters all went there. The teams included: The Semi-Pro Ballerz, ‘Merica, Sons of Ovation, Bob’s Burgers, The Rockers, and The Buccaneers. I think the photos tell the full story…

Continue reading Ovation Takes Time Out for Teamwork

Need to Build a Stronger, More Connected Team? Grab a Paddleboard!

Effective leaders know that creating connections between colleagues is a crucial part of building a high-performing team—and that one of the best ways to do it is by embracing some fun outside of the office. When my colleagues Emily Bailey, Meghan Sloan, Mary Coulter and I were kicking around ideas to get away and have some fun and recharge, Meghan suggested paddle boarding. Yep, paddle boarding. That is how I found myself standing waist deep in the Farmington River with my colleagues! Continue reading Need to Build a Stronger, More Connected Team? Grab a Paddleboard!