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Take Charge of Your Health

[Spoiler Alert] In The X-Files TV series, Agents Mulder and Scully give their son up for adoption to protect him from a government conspiracy involving alien technology. While I can safely say most parents don’t have to face such perils, they would do anything possible to ensure the health and well-being of their children. Two years ago, my first child was unexpectedly born pre-term at 35 weeks. Now pregnant with my second child, I am considered a “higher risk” pregnancy because of my history and my doctors have recommended I take certain measures to help my baby go full-term. Continue reading Take Charge of Your Health

Ovation’s Annual Week of Giving, Caring, and Sharing

This past December, we hosted our third annual week of “Give, Care, Share.” Each year, this week serves as a simple and cheerful reminder of how thankful we are to work with not only the best clients, but the best employees. While our official week of “Give, Care, Share” began December 14th, the giving began shortly before with our office wide toy donation to Toys for Tots and toiletry drive to benefit a local men’s shelter.

12356679_1137494806263314_2403794536054220570_oThe sales team kicked off our week of “Give, Care, Share” with a delicious waffle breakfast. “The Grinch Who Stole Waffles” comprised of warm Belgian waffles, homemade maple syrup, fruit, whipped cream, and more. Our second day of excitement was a cookie swap titled “Have Yourself a Merry Little Cookie.” Thanks to our resident bakers, our office was overflowing with sweet treats for days! On the third day, we were excited to indulge in “It’s a Wonderful Lunch,” a locally catered lunch hosted by our delightful leadership team. Continue reading Ovation’s Annual Week of Giving, Caring, and Sharing

Happy Holidays From Our Ovation Family to Yours


In the employee benefits industry, the holiday season always tends to be a stressful time of the year, with nearly 40% of all employer group contracts maintaining a renewal date of January 1st. Due to this volume, our teams work tirelessly around the clock to go above and beyond for the people we serve.

Although it may seem stressful during the moment, this year our issues seem minimal when compared to the events occurring around the world. As one looks at domestic and world events, the combination of climate change, international and domestic terrorism, immigration, the economy and higher education, there certainly is no shortage of things to be concerned about. It is easy to become overwhelmed with some level of fear and/or anxiety over the state of the country, the world or the planet; and tempting to feel some level of isolation and helplessness. Continue reading Happy Holidays From Our Ovation Family to Yours

Ovation’s “Night of Wine: A Client Appreciation Experience”

This past week, we hosted our first annual “Night of Wine: A Client Appreciation Experience” at our corporate office. Our honored guests were treated to a holiday wine tasting event and the room was adorned with lighted trees, wreaths, poinsettias, candles, 12322394_1133244496688345_7211075077992641986_oand of course, an abundance of wine. Our own employees served as the night’s sommeliers, as our clients sampled wine from Italy, France, New Zealand, California, and other regions around the world.

Upon arrival, each guest was personally greeted and entered into a raffle to win an enormous basket full of wine-themed prizes. Managing Principal Brian Driscoll kicked off the night with a few words to recognize our clients for their continued partnership, to thank them for their loyal friendship, and to wish everyone good health and happiness this season. Throughout the evening, the room was alive with new and old friends chatting, toasting, and mingling. Continue reading Ovation’s “Night of Wine: A Client Appreciation Experience”